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Exterior - North Final.jpg
Rosedale House

The Rosedale House seeks to provide a long term home for a Kansas City household that is considerate of its impact on the surrounding Rosedale neighborhood.  By combining a privately owned, unbuildable lot and a Wyandotte County Landbank property, this project creates a mutually beneficial opportunity to reduce delinquent owner vacancy and realize the dream of a growing family. 


Sustainability and affordability were strong drivers in the design and development of the home.  The design is sensitive to the budgetary considerations of both the client and the neighborhood which would be negatively affected by a disproportionately valued home, which could create negative cost impacts on surrounding low and moderate income households.  

Design Development Floor Plans

Plans Final.01.png

Basement Level

Ground Level

2nd Level

Interior Renderings

Interior - Kitchen Final.jpg
Interior - Master Bedroom Final.jpg
Interior - Dining Room Final.jpg

Example Structural Coordination Drawings for SIPS Panels

Shear Wall Detail Axon.png
Shear Wall Top Plate Detail Axon

Conceptual Sketches

Field Notes Sketches 4.png
Field Notes Sketches 1.png
Field Notes Sketches 3.png
Field Notes Sketches 2.png


Kansas City, Kansas


Residential, Professional





Woolery Family

Permitting by General Contractor

Project Size

1,850 SF

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