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Jacob's Well - Addition and Renovation

Experiencing continual growth the Jacob’s Well community approached BNIM Architects to increased the spatial capacity of the congregation and address the accessibility deficiencies of their existing neighborhood church.  Beyond these programmatic needs, the addition’s design is a cumulative response to the three primary considerations; the character of the existing 1930’s structural masonry facility, the creative nature of the congregation, and the desire to create spaces for universal gathering.

Schematic Design Diagrams

jw 11Push Pull Edit.png

Push + Pull Volume

jw 12 Green Edit.png

Surface Planting

jw 13 Drape Edit.png

Drape and Shade

jw 15 Final Building Edit.png

Final Overall


Design Response to the Existing Church
+ Contemporary masonry approach

Addition - slate rainscreen

Existing - structural brick walls

+ Honesty in Assembly

Addition - wood glulam and decking structure

Existing - false heavy timber cladding of steel structure

Following the Congregational Identity

+ Inspired by the clients music community, the project was designed using grid multiples of 4 and details were integrated in rhythms considerate of this composition.  Additionally, a visual artist composed cnc’d wood “windows” which represent the congregation and forms of the existing building within the new fellowship hall.

Community Gathering, Inside and Out

+ Interior spaces of gathering for education and fellowship spill out to exterior courtyards and vegetative amphitheater which publicly accessible.

JW Wall Sections.png
jw interior collage white.png

AIA Kansas City Award Quote
“We really appreciated the integration of building and landscape; the building section of the addition is really wonderful. It really creates strong uses and connections between the old and the new. From the interior of the new building you really get interesting perspectives to the existing and there’s a really strong presence of the original architecture in the new. It’s very respectful, very modest, but really well detailed. The quality of craft and thought that was put into it was really exceptional.”


—Jennifer Yoos, FAIA | VJAA

Additional AIA Kansas City Jury Members
+ Matthew Kreilich, FAIA | Snow Kreilich Architects
+ Jennifer Newsom, AIA | Dream the Combine

jw interior collage 1.png


Kansas City, Missouri


Non-Profit Religious, Professional

Project Size

7,615 SF


BNIM Architects | Kansas City, Missouri


Constructed, 2018


Jacob's Well Congregation


+ AIA Kansas City

Design Excellence, Small | Honor 2018

+ AIA Kansas

Design Excellence | Honor 2018

+ AIA Central States

Design Excellence | Merit Award 2018

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