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Excellence Center exterior 002 Dan Edit.
University of Minnesota - Athletes Village

The Athletes Village is a 387,000 sq. ft. new construction and renovation project that provides state of the art academic, practice, and training facilities to the roughly 700 student athletes at the University of Minnesota.  The complex is comprised of a Center for Excellence academic building, Basketball Practice Facility, Football Performance Facility, Indoor Football Practice Facility, and Training Table dining space.

The following images represent the contributions I made before the winning project proposal through schematic design.  During this time the complex design incorporated a "Ring of Honor" circulation space that celebrated the individual program achievements while connecting the entire complex.  Additionally, the complex design had incorporated a high rise component which was later modified due to a reduction in project scope.

Complex Design Progression

existing edit.png


typology four corners edit type NEW.png

Master Plan Massing

typology first adjust edit.png

Pedestrian Plaza and Decrease Mass

typology second edit.png

Volume Adjustment

4 masses no tower edit.png

New Complex Entrance

4 masses tower edit.png

Views and Site Circulation

additional program edit.png

Program Base

skywalks edit type NEW.png


Football Performance and Indoor Practice Design Progression

football performance from plaza sketch.j

Programming Design Sketch

Main Entry Final js Dan Edit.jpg

Schematic Design Rendering (last project involvement)

original 011.jpg

Completed Project Photograph

football performance from practice sketc

Programming Design Sketch

football performance perspective.jpg

Conceptual Design Perspective (last project involvement)


Completed Project Photograph

Additional Schematic Design Renderings for Fundraising

FB Lounge JS Dan Edit.jpg
BB entry_Final js Dan Edit.jpg
FB weightroom_final js Dan Edit.jpg
BB weightroom_js Dan Edit.jpg
Training table_Final js Dan Edit.jpg

Football Performance Building and Training Table Renderings

BB Practice_js Dan Edit.jpg

Basketball Practice Facility Renderings


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sports + Recreation, Professional

Project Size


RDG Planning & Design | Des Moines, Iowa

+ BWBR Architects | St. Paul, Minnesota


University of Minnesota Athletic Department


Constructed, 2018

387,000 SF

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