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Contemporary Sculpture and Installation

The following work are pieces created while completing DSN 301X instructed by Mike Stanley.  This course focused on the utilization of contemporary media through various installation scales.  Each project was conceptualized and executed in accordance with the experimental nature of the scuplture course.

Duct Tape Figures

DSC_0105 Altered Series.jpg
DSC_0095 Altered.jpg
DSC_0234 Altered.png

This project asked students to create a duct taped based mold of another students body.  The body figure could then be placed anywhere within the College of Design Building at Iowa State University and in any position the student desired.  The goal of this project was to engage individuals outside of the class through the humanizing of inanimate objects.  

North Side Pano White Point Scaled.png

Burn Pile

The Burn Pile was a one week installation created to display my experience living in the Hill Country of Central Texas, as well as the growth my personal relationships endured.  Modeled after the cedar tree burn piles I made while clearing the invasive tree species, visitors of the installation were welcomed to inhabit my emotional experience.  Release and growth were invoked through audio and visuals displayed within the womb like interior.

The Burn Pile could be entered from each of its four sides suggestion that personal growth isn't always a linear progression with a beginning and an end.  Impasse and regression are also important components of process which led to the omnidirectional nature of the design.

Central Texas Inspiration

100_0053 Altered.jpg
100_0275 Altered.jpg

Installation Images

IMG_5216 Altered Scaled.png
IMG_5195 Altered Edit.jpg
IMG_5392 Altered Edit.jpg

Existentialist Construct

This sculpture piece was based on the relationship between individual and societal construct.  The design was informed by research into existential theory.  The form suggests that even though a societal construct exists, one cannot lose sense of their individual existence and identity within collectivist culture. 

Script Component Labels.png
metal pages grasshopper.png
IMG_5713 Altered.jpg
Box 1 white.png
Box 2 white.png
IMG_5760 Altered.jpg
Box 3 white.png
Box 4 white.png
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